Rodger Coale Horsemanship  Building Trust, Strength, Confidence & Responsibility for the Success of both the Horse and Rider

Raising and Training Horses for Today's Horseman & Horsewoman

Wrangler Smart Riding Lesson
Trail,  Gymkhana, Beginning Dressage
Horsemanship Clinics

Intro to Horse Care Saddle Club

Contact Rodger Coale at 541-973-3262 

Learning Levels

From the Ground Up
duction to Wrangler Smart Horsemanship 

Beginning Rider
Learning  safety and skills  in the saddle

Confidence Builder
Arena Exercises for Balance, Seat, Hands and Legs

Beginning to Competition 

Beginning Dressage

Trail Preparation
Woods, Meadows, Trail, Water 

Saddle Club
Rainy Days Hands-on Horse Care & off Horse Lessons

Helmet required, Dress to Ride. 
Western or Riding Boots.
Dress for the weather. 

Phone/Text Rodger at 541-973-3262 to Schedule a Ranch Tour.

Business Hours

             Schedule Your Lessons 

               Phone 541-973-3262

Monday - Tuesday


Wednesday - Friday

Appointments only

01:00 pm – 05:00pm

Saturday - Sunday


 Horses Raised, Trained & Ready for Sale


 Lincoln is 13 year old Anglo gelding . He loves riding English, Dressage & Trails.  SOLD


Johnny  is a 16 year old all around ranch Pony, well mannered horse SOLD

                    Lesson Horses


Niki is 6 year old registered Fox Trotter and loves Gymkhana, and trails, amazing gaits. $16,500


Laila is a Morgan Mare. She is learning Cowboy Dressage, Ranch Ride and Ranch Trail.


Brownie is a pony and considers herself queen of the barn. She enjoys free time in the yard and introducing children to horsemanship and riding.


Megan is 5 year cow bred Quarter Horse and enjoys meeting people, loves children and giving lessons arena work and trails.

Meet Our Personal Horses


Jocee is a registered foundation bred Quarter horse. At 3 years of age she is just beginning her training as a riding horse. 


Flash is Julie's horse and loves to go to rodeo running barrels, poles and the Gymkhana events. She is a great trail horse. 


What our Riders write about us

Bette Jo Broneau


"I want to share my journey into horsemanship. It started almost 4 years ago. Let me start by saying I knew little to nothing about horses. One day this mare shows up at Rodger Coale’s ranch, she was very pregnant and looking for a new human and she picked me, it’s been a life changing journey. Thanks to the Coale’s I had some place to not only keep her but her soon to be foal. Some thought I was crazy buying a young green mare, saying (green on green ends up black and blue). Through Rodger’s training and guidance we have come so far, he taught me about building a partnership built on trust, she needs to trust me as much as me trusting her. We started on the ground and worked my way into the saddle and then the trails. I had a knee issue that kept me off her for months. Today I continue to work with Rodger with my mare along with our other 2 horses, the filly is almost 4 and my husbands gelding. That’s another great story. When you watch Rodger work with horses it’s pretty amazing, they trust him completely. There’s so much I could share of how his calm approach to working with horses and people has changed me. I am truly blessed to call Rodger Coale a great friend and trainer."

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Jessica Porter


"Rodger's lessons have been wonderful for our girls! Really helping my teenager build her confidence. They thoroughly enjoy going each time and are learning tons. He always has a happy and willing attitude. He's now helping us with our own horses and it's been eye opening, and motivating. He's knowledgable and thorough in working with other us and our horses. Its been an absolute pleasure. Highly recommend."

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Niki Theis Coulter


"My daughter in law owns horses and I knew nothing and found Big Pine Ranch. I was terrified but instructor Rodger put me at ease with his smart horsemanship program and learning how to interact with the horses, caring for their hooves, how to warm them up etc. and how to manage my apprehension on day one. Still learning but so grateful for the new challenge in my life and positive influence it has been for me." 

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